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Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences


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Aims and Scope

 Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences is a peer reviewed, open access, online journal dedicated to publishing articles on basic or applied research relevant to aquaculture, aquatic life and environments, fisheries, seafood sciences and marine biotechnology.

Society Information

Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences is the official journal of the Korean Society of Fisheries and Aquatic Science (KOSFAS).

The Korean Society of Fisheries and Aquatic Science contributes to the growth and development of the aquatic research sector and aims to play an important role in enhancing the quality and analyses of industry-related research and increasing its visibility.

Archival Content

Articles published in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences prior to 2016 are made fully available here.

S C Bai

About the Editor-in-Chief

Sungchul C. Bai is a Professor in the Department of Marine Bio-materials and Aquaculture, and the Director of Feeds & Foods Nutrition Research Center at Pukyong National University (PKNU) in Busan, Korea. He has Masters in Animal Nutrition from California State University, and PhD in Nutrition /Physiological Chemistry from the School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis.

 Since joining PKNU in 1993, Prof. Bai has published over 500 abstracts and articles, 20 books or chapters as well as over 300 manuscripts and reports, several patents and has given a numerous special seminars and lectures internationally and domestically.

He has previously served as President of World Aquaculture Society, Korean Society of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (KOSFAS) and Vision 21 Korean Aquaculture Forum. He has been the Editor-in-Chief for the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences since 2014 as well as previously holding the position in 2009.


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