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Table 3 Feed consumption (g/fish), feed efficiency ratio (FER), protein efficiency ratio (PER), and protein retention (PR) of black rockfish (Sebastes schlegeli) fed the experimental diets containing the various sources of additives for 8 weeks

From: Dietary inclusion effect of yacon, ginger, and blueberry on growth, body composition, and disease resistance of juvenile black rockfish (Sebastes schlegeli) against Vibrio anguillarum

Experimental dietsFeed consumption (g/fish)FER1PER2PR3
Con11.5 ± 0.03a1.06 ± 0.003b2.10 ± 0.006a36.3 ± 0.19b
YC11.5 ± 0.03a1.08 ± 0.003a2.13 ± 0.006a37.7 ± 0.10a
GG11.5 ± 0.05a1.07 ± 0.008b2.12 ± 0.017a38.2 ± 0.35a
BB11.6 ± 0.07a1.06 ± 0.004b2.12 ± 0.009a35.7 ± 0.24b
  1. Values (means of triplicate ± SE) in the same column sharing the same superscript letter are not significantly different (P > 0.05)
  2. 1Feed efficiency ratio (FER) = Weight gain of fish/feed consumed
  3. 2Protein efficiency ratio (PER) = Weight gain of fish/protein consumed
  4. 3Protein retention (PR) = Protein gain × 100/protein consumed