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Table 1 Morphometrics, length-weight relationship and condition factor of Hepsetus odoe from the study area

From: Preliminary evaluation of some aspects of the ecology (growth pattern, condition factor and reproductive biology) of African pike, Hepsetus odoe (Bloch 1794), in Lake Eleiyele, Ibadan, Nigeria

Species Mean TL (cm) Mean BWt (g) a b Type of growth R 2 p value of r Mean K t value
Hepsetus odoe 26.89 ± 2.47 137.11 ± 41.05 − 3.80 2.64 I 0.61 2.2 × 10–16*** 2.6 − 1.6
  1. BW body weight, TL total length, a intercept of the regression, b slope of the regression (growth exponent), I Isometric growth, r correlation coefficient of length-weight relationship, p value of r significance of correlation, K condition factor, t value absolute value of t test parameter to compare calculated slope to 3, p > 0.05
  2. ***highly significant