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Fig. 2

From: Miuraea migitae, a new record of the order Bangiales (Bangiophyceae, Rhodophyta) from Korea

Fig. 2

Miuraea migitae (N.Kikuchi, S.Arai, G.Yoshida & J.A.Shin) N.Kikuchi, S.Arai, G.Yoshida, J.A.Shin & M.Miyata. a Vegetative thallus of M. migitae (E15019) collected from Udo, Jeju Island, Korea, 9 May 2015. b Surface view of thallus with entire margin. c Surface view of the central portion of thallus. d Surface view of the basal portion with rhizoidal cells. e Sectional view of vegetative cells in the central portion. f Sectional view of rhizoidal filaments toward both sides of thallus (arrows). Scale bars represent a 4 cm; b, d, f, 50 μm; c, e, 25 μm

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