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Table 3 Microscopic description of maturity stages of the testes of C. striata

From: Cyclic variations of gonad development of an air-breathing fish, Channa striata in the lentic and lotic environments

Stages Testes
Stage I (Immature) Testes were very tiny and translucent containing many spermatogonia (SG). A few spermatocytes (SC) were also thinly scattered (Fig. 6a and b).
Stage II (Maturing) Testes at this stage were larger than the immature stage. Spermatocytes and spermatids (ST) were more abundant (Fig. 6c).
Stage III (Mature) Testes showed the largest volume with a pinkish white color. A large amount of spermatozoa (SZ) were observed (Fig. 6d). Mature testes were mostly observed in June and July samples.
Stage IV (Spent) Testes were darker, opaque and flaccid. Only residual spermatozoa were found (Fig. 6e). Spent testes were evident during August and September.