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Table 2 Microscopic description of the maturity stages of the ovaries of C. striata

From: Cyclic variations of gonad development of an air-breathing fish, Channa striata in the lentic and lotic environments

Stages Ovaries
Stage I (Immature) Oogonia, chromatin nucleolar and early perinucleolar oocytes were present. The perinucleolar oocytes had a large nucleus.
Stage II (Maturing) Partially yolked oocytes and late perinucleolar oocytes were present. Partially yolked oocytes contained yolk vesicles in their cytoplasm.
Stage III (Mature) Advanced yolked oocytes were abundantly present. The cytoplasms were filled with yolk granules. These stages of maturation were observed from late April to June.
Stage IV (Spent/Recovering) Appearance of empty follicle and few numbers of oogonia and perinucleolar oocytes represented the reserved stock for the further spawning. The spent gonads appeared in August and September.