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Table 1 Description of aquatic habitats of C. striata sampling

From: Cyclic variations of gonad development of an air-breathing fish, Channa striata in the lentic and lotic environments

City Geographic location Habitat Sample collection
Lentic Lotic
Gaibandha 25.25°N 89.50°E Brahmaputra, Ghagot Burungi beel, Halla beel Local market
Mymensingh 24°45′14″N 90°24′11″E Old Brahmaputra Chara beel, Kailar beel Local market
Sylhet 24.8917°N 91.8833°E Kushiyara, Manu, Surma Hail haor, Hakaluki haor, Tanguar haor, and Kawadighi haor Local market