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Table 1 Composition of experimental diets

From: Effect of water temperature on protein requirement of Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch) fry as determined by nutrient deposition, hemato-biochemical parameters and stress resistance response

Ingredients (g/100 g)(D28)(D32)(D36)(D40)(D44)(D48)(D52)
Corn oilc5555555
Cod oild2222222
Vitamin premixe,f3333333
Carboxymethyl cellulose10101010101010
Proximate analyses (%)
Analyzed crude protein28.1131.9736.2140.1343.9948.1552.14
Analyzed crude fat6.957.127.317.146.897.117.13
Gross energyh, kJ/g17.917.917.917.917.917.917.9
Estimated gross energyi, kJ/g17.9217.9117.9317.9117.9417.9217.92
Digestible energy, kJ/g14.5314.6814.8314.9815.1415.2915.45
P/DE ratio mg/kJ19.2721.7924.2726.7029.0631.3933.66
  1. aCrude protein (80 g/100 g)
  2. bCrude protein (95 g/100 g)
  3. cCod liver oil from SevenSeas Ltd., Hull, UK.
  4. dCorn oil was obtained from Fortune, Adani Wilmar Ltd
  5. eHalver (2002)
  6. fVitamin mixture (1 g vitamin mix +2g œ-cellulose) choline chloride 0.50; inositol 0.20; ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate 0.10; nicotinic acid 0.075; calcium pantothenate 0.05; riboflavin 0.02; menadione 0.004; pyridoxine hydrochloride 0.005; thiamin hydrochloride 0.005; folic acid 0.0015; biotin 0.0005; alpha-tocopheryl acetate 0.04; vitamin B12 0.00001; Loba Chemie, India
  7. gMineral mixture (g/100 g) calcium biphosphate 13.57; calcium lactate 32.69; ferric citrate 2.97; magnesium sulphate 13.20; potassium phosphate (dibasic) 23.98; sodium biphosphate 8.72; sodium chloride 4.35; aluminium chloride.6H2O 0.0154; potassium iodide 0.015; cuprous chloride 0.010; magnus sulphate. H2O 0.80; cobalt chloride. 6H2O 0.1; zinc sulphate. 7H2O 0.40; Loba Chemie, India
  8. hCalculated on the basis of fuel values 23, 20.19, 16.0, and 37.6 kJ/g for casein, gelatin, dextrin, and fat, respectively, as estimated on Gallenkamp ballistic bomb calorimeter
  9. iEstimated on Gallenkamp ballistic bomb calorimeter