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Table 1 Sensory results for each grade of whole body and meat of whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) stored at 25 °C

From: Quality assessment and acceptability of whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) using biochemical parameters

Quality parameters Description Scores
Odor1,2) Full freshness 5
Little freshness 4
Loss of freshness 3
Strong ammonia and sulfur compounds, fishy smell 2
Very strong ammonia and sulfur compounds 1
Shell color1) Overall unique light gray 5
Light gray in body and light scarlet in tail 4
Pink in head and tail 3
Overall red 2
Overall red, dark red in head 1
Black spot1) Absent 5
Few black spots 4
Some black spots on head and tail 3
Black spots on head and tail 2
Very noticeable black spots 1
Adhesion of head and body1) Strong adherence 5
Good adherence 4
Weak adherence 3
Easy separation with weak force 2
Separated by itself when raised 1
Internal organs1) Scarlet and excellent adhesion 5
Scarlet and optimum adhesion 4
Red and fair adhesion 3
Red and flow down 2
Dark red and empty head 1
Meat elasticity and firmness1,2) Very strong elasticity, rigid, and firm 5
Strong elasticity, rigid 4
Relatively good elasticity, beginning to soften 3
Low elasticity and quite soft 2
Lost elasticity, easily breaks down by weak force 1
Meat color1,2) Translucent light gray, shiny 5
Translucent light gray and scarlet tail, less intense gloss 4
Opaque and milky, losing luster 3
Overall pink 2
Overall red 1
  1. 1)Only for whole body
  2. 1,2)For both whole body and meat