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Fig. 2

From: Potential of fascaplysin and palauolide from Fascaplysinopsis cf reticulata to reduce the risk of bacterial infection in fish farming

Fig. 2

Effect of palauolide (1) on BB120 strain. (a) Absorbance kinetics, (b) luminescence kinetics (RLU), (c) steepness data (k) of absorbance kinetic, (d) luminescence value (RLU) measured for absorbance at 0.055 (represented on (A) by a dashed line, corresponding to the absorbance value at the inflection point of control) without palauolide (black, control), with palauolide 1 μg ml–1 (blue, C4), 5 μg ml–1 (green, C3), 10 μg ml–1 (orange, C2), and 50 μg ml–1 (red, C1). Data are reported as means ± SD from three technical replicates (*significant Kruskall-Wallis p value < 0.05 by comparing with control)

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