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Table 2 Effect of M1and M2 on the serum lipid levels in poloxamer-407 injected rats

From: The antihyperlipidemic effect of alginate-free residue from sea tangle in hyperlipidemic rats

TreatmentDoseTriglycerideTotal cholesterol
Normal 80.6 ± 8.46d66.5 ± 9.49c
Poloxamer-407 1101.6 ± 63.7a770.3 ± 48.8a
M1100881.3 ± 52.2c620.9 ± 33.6b
M2100996.5 ± 70.3b728.6 ± 43.1a
  1. Values represent mean ± S.D. (n = 8). Values sharing the same column superscript letter are not significantly different from each other (P < 0.05) by Duncan’s multiple range test