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Table 1 Summary of non-pathogenic Vibrio spp. isolated from the gill, intestine, kidney, liver, and skin

From: Identification of Vibrio species isolated from cultured olive flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) in Jeju Island, South Korea

Pathogenicity Species Organ Number of isolates
Non-pathogenic Vibrio atlanticus Gill 5
Intestine 1
Skin 1
Vibrio diabolicus Gill 1
Vibrio gallaecicus Gill 1
Skin 2
Vibrio gigantis Gill 17
Intestine 1
Kidney 1
Liver 2
Skin 9
Vibrio hangzhouensis Gill 1
Vibrio hyugaensis Gill 3
Vibrio jasicida Kidney 1
Vibrio maritimus Gill 1
Vibrio neocaledonicus Gill 1
Vibrio renipiscarius Gill 2
Skin 2
Vibrio rotiferianus Gill 2
Vibrio sagamiensis Intestine 1
Vibrio splendidus Intestine 1
Vibrio tasmaniensis Gill 2
Eye 1
Vibrio variabilis Gill 1