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Fig. 2

From: Optimizing selection of sexually mature Barbus altianalis for induced spawning: determination of size at sexual maturity of populations from Lake Edward and Upper Victoria Nile in Uganda

Fig. 2

A cross section of testis showing spermatogenic cells at different stages. a Stage II testis dominated by primary spermatocytes (Sc1) but fewer spermatids and spermatozoans (Sz) are observed. b Stage III testis with all the types of spermatogenic cells that include primary spermatogonia (Sg1) with a large nucleus (Nu), secondary spermatogonia (Sg2), primary spermatocytes (Sc1), secondary spermatocytes (Sc2), and spermatids (St). The stage is dominated by spermatozoa (Sz). The sertoli cell (SC) is also observed. (H&E)

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