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Table 1 Comparison of morphological features found in the three Hypnea species

From: New record of three economic Hypnea species (Gigartinales) in Korea

Characters Species
H. yamadae H. cenomyce H. nidulans
Habitat Epilithic in intertidal to subtidal Epilithic in intertidal Epilithic or occasionally epiphytic in intertidal
Thalli Terete to compressed Terete Terete to subterete
Size (cm) 9–37 4–15 2–10
Branching type Irregular, alternate or dichotomous Alternate or irregular Alternate to spiral, irregular
Branchlets A few Several (or abundant) Numerous
Basal constriction of branchlets Absent Present Present
Hooked branchlets Absent or rarely present Absent Absent
Lenticular thickening Absent Often or occasionally present Present
Size of tetrasporangia (μm) 50 × 25 12 × 58
References Tanaka 1960; Yamagishi and Masuda 1997; the present study Chiang 1997; the present study Chiang 1997; Yamagishi and Masuda 1997; the present study