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Table 4 The percentages of differentially expressed (DE) contigs annotated by BLAST2GO from each library comparison, as well as the percentages of DE contigs assigned GO annotations by BLAST2GO. The percentages of GO-annotated contigs from each of the primary categories biological processes, molecular function, and cellular components, as well as the three most populated secondary categories

From: Organism-environment interactions and differential gene expression patterns among open-coastal and estuarine populations of Porphyra umbilicalis Kützing (Rhodophyta) in the Northwest Atlantic

Library comparison Percent of DE contigs with significant hits (evalue < 1e−10) (%) Percent of DE contigs assigned GO annotations (%) Primary categories Secondary categories
FSg3 × FSg6 41 92 33% biological processes
38% molecular function
29% cellular components
13% metabolic processes
11% catalytic activity
11% cellular processes
FSg3 × DPg3 62 55 39% biological processes
20% molecular function
41% cellular components
45% metabolic processes
44% cellular processes
42% cell function
FSg6 × DPg3 60 47 37% biological processes
24% molecular functions
39% cellular components
46% metabolic processes
44% cellular processes
40% cell function
FDR40) cell parts