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Table 3 The percentages of differentially expressed (DE) contigs annotated by the KEGG Automatic Annotation System (KAAS) from each library comparison, as well as the total number of pathways contigs were assigned to, and the percentages of DE contigs in the top three pathways with the most contigs

From: Organism-environment interactions and differential gene expression patterns among open-coastal and estuarine populations of Porphyra umbilicalis Kützing (Rhodophyta) in the Northwest Atlantic

Library Comparison Percent of DE contigs annotated (%) Number of pathways Percent of DE Contigs in top three pathways
FSg3 × FSg6 21 59 25% metabolic pathways 21% ribosome 13% microbial metabolism in diverse environments
FSg3 × DPg3 42 165 30% metabolic processes 19% ribosomal pathways 15% biosynthesis of secondary metabolites
FSg6 × DPg3 37 157 29% metabolic pathways 19% ribosome-related genes 14% biosynthesis of secondary metabolites