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Table 1 Notation used in this paper

From: The systematic sampling for inferring the survey indices of Korean groundfish stocks

Notation Description
i Grid cell. Each grid cell is divided into nine nested grids. See Fig. 1 for the location of grid cell i.
s Fish stock
a i The swept (trawled) area in grid cell i
T i The area of grid cell i. See Appendix Table 4 for the area of grid cell i.
y si Number (or weight) of fish stock s, caught by a standard trawl in one of the nine nested grids in grid cell i. This quantity is defined as the sampling unit.
N The total number of possible tows in the population area.
Y s The survey index (in number) of a fish stock s.
B s The survey index (in weight) of a fish stock s.
d si Differences between successive sampling units, i.e., dsi = ys, i + 1 − ysi.
n The number of the entire tows, which is the sample size.
^ In this paper, the hat notation is the expected value of a random variable, e.g., \( \widehat{Y_s}\equiv \)E{Ys}