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Table 1 Edible red and green Korean seaweeds with reference to their reported bioactive compounds and food applications

From: Nutrients and bioactive potentials of edible green and red seaweed in Korea

Name Applications Bioactive properties References
Capsosiphon fulvescens Soup, stomach disorders, and hangovers Antioxidant Kim, 2010, Kim et al., 2015a , and Kim et al. 2017
Anticancer Kwon and Nam 2007
Immunomodulation Karnjanapratum et al. 2012
Anti-diabetic Han et al. 2016
Anticoagulant Synytsya et al. 2015
Caulerpa lentillifera High blood pressure, rheumatism, diabetes, and bacterial and fungal infections Antioxidant Nguyen et al. 2011
Anticancer Maeda et al., 2012b
Immunomodulation Maeda et al., 2012a
Anti-diabetic Sharma and Rhyu 2014 and Sharma et al. 2015
Enteromorpha linza Soup, seasoned cooked vegetables Antioxidant Zhang et al., 2013a and Wang et al., 2013a, b
Anticancer Choi et al. 2014 and Zhang et al. 2016
Anti-diabetic Zhang et al., 2013a
Antimicrobial Patra et al. 2015
Enteromorpha prolifera Ingredient in meals and cookies or as an essence Antioxidant Xu et al. 2015
Anti-diabetic Tang et al. 2013
Antimicrobial Shao et al. 2017
Ulva pertusa Urinary diseases, sunstroke, and hyperlipidemia Antioxidant Qi and Sun 2015
Anti-inflammatory Ali et al. 2016, Ali et al. 2017, and Manzoor et al. 2016
Anticoagulant Kang et al., 2015a
Codium fragile To treat dysuria, dropsy, and enterobiasis Anti-inflammation Lee et al. 2017
Porphyra spp. Snacks, rice wraps Antioxidant Lee et al., 2016b
Anticancer Kim et al., 2015b
Gelidium amansii Agar jelly Antioxidant Seo et al. 2012
Antimicrobial Kang et al. 2016
Gracilaria verrucosa Agar jelly Antioxidant Heo et al. 2006
Anti-diabetic Woo et al. 2013
Gracilariopsis chorda Agar Antioxidant Mohibbullah et al. 2015
Gloiopeltis tenax Agar, to treat diarrhea and colitis. Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Zheng et al. 2012 Zheng et al. 2012
Grateloupia filicina Agar, traditional food in the Kangwando area of Korea Antioxidant Athukorala et al. 2003 and Athukorala et al. 2005