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Fig. 2

From: Isolation and expression analysis of stimulator of interferon gene from olive flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus

Fig. 2

Multiple alignment of amino acid sequences of different STINGs from various species. Identical and similar residues among the selected species are shaded in black and gray, respectively. Gaps are shown as dashes. Transmembrane (TM) domains and STING superfamily domain are shown by a line at the bottom of the alignment. GenBank accession numbers are as follows: Homo sapiens, NG_034249.1; Rattus norvegicus, NM_001109122.1; Tinamus guttatus, XM_010220262.1; Xenopus tropicalis, NM_001112974.1; Danio rerio, NC_007125.7; Larimichthys crocea, XM_010732873.2; and Panaeolus olivicaceus, LC148052.1

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