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Fig. 5 | Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Fig. 5

From: Gene structure and expression characteristics of liver-expressed antimicrobial peptide-2 isoforms in mud loach (Misgurnus mizolepis, Cypriniformes)

Fig. 5

Differential expression patterns of mud loach LEAP-2A (a) and LEAP-2B (b) in the liver, kidney, and spleen during experimental challenge with Edwardsiella tarda. Expression levels of E. tarda-challenged group are presented as fold change relative to PBS-injected control based on RT-qPCR assay. Statistically different means (± s.d.) are indicated by different letters based on ANOVA followed by Duncan’s multiple ranged tests (P < 0.05). Asterisks indicate statistically different expression levels (P < 0.05) of E. tarda-injected group when compared to expression levels of PBS-injected control group based on student’s t test

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