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Fig. 3 | Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Fig. 3

From: Gene structure and expression characteristics of liver-expressed antimicrobial peptide-2 isoforms in mud loach (Misgurnus mizolepis, Cypriniformes)

Fig. 3

Tissue distribution patterns and basal expression levels of mud loach LEAP-2A (a) and LEAP-2B (b) transcripts, as determined by RT-qPCR assay. Expression levels were normalized against 18S rRNA gene. Tissue abbreviations are brain (Br), eye (Ey), fin (Fi), gill (Gi), heart (He), intestine (In), kidney (Ki), liver (Li), muscles (Mu), spleen (Sp), skin (Sk), ovary (Ov), and testis (Te). Statistically different means (± s.d.) are indicated by different letters (a–j in (a) and a–g in (b)) based on ANOVA followed by Duncan’s multiple ranged tests (P < 0.05). T bars indicate standard deviations

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