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Fig. 1

From: Molecular characterization of three muscle alpha actin genes in mud loach (Misgurnus mizolepis; Cypriniformes)

Fig. 1

Primary polypeptide structures (a) and genomic organization (b) of mud loach α-actin isoforms ACTA1 (skeletal muscle actin), ACTC1 (cardiac muscle actin), and ACTA2 (smooth muscle actin). In the multiple sequence alignment (a), non-identical amino acid residues are indicated by boldface, red letters, and the positions for seven introns are noted by arrowheads. In the schematic representation for genomic architecture (b), all the three actin isoforms possess a non-translated exon 1 (NTE1) and eight translated exons (E2–E9). Translation initiation codon (ATG) in the first translated exon is indicated by arrow in ACTA2. Lengths of translated regions in exons (vertical boxes) are identical for three isoforms, while size of introns (horizontal line) is variable among isoforms

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