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Table 3 Bioactive compounds of Stichopus japonicus

From: Biological activities and biomedical potential of sea cucumber (Stichopus japonicus): a review

Bioactive compounds Chemical structure Molecular weight Ref.
Peptides    (Zheng et al. 2012)
 VTPY 478.55 Da  
 VLLY 506.64 Da  
 VGTVEM 634.75 Da  
 GPEPTGPTGAPQWLR 1563 Da (Zhou et al. 2012)
Fatty acids
 7(Z)-octadecenoic acid C18H34O2
282.468 g/mol
(Nguyen et al. 2011)
 7(Z),10(Z)-octadecadienoic acid C19H34O2
294.479 g/mol
 chondroitin sulfates
 a core chondroitin sulfate unit of E-typ
average 98.07 kDa (Yang et al. 2015b)
 Other core disaccharide units   
 fucan sulfates A type B type
A type
9 kDa
B type
32 kDa
(Kariya et al. 2004)
 fucoidan 1970 kDa  
 1. 26-nor-25-oxo-holotoxin A1
 2. holotoxins D
 3. holotoxins E
 6. holotoxins A1
 7. holotoxins B
 4. holotoxins F
 5. holotoxins G
 8. cladoloside B
1. C65H102O32Na1417.625 g/mol
2. C66H104O32N1431.640 g/mol
3. C65H102O31Na1401.6313 g/mol
6. C66H104O311393.527 g/mol
7. C66H104O321409.526 g/mol
4. C59H96O261221.391 g/mol
5. C58H94O251191.365 g/mol
8. C59H92O271233.358 g/mol
(Wang et al. 2012)
holotoxins A
holotoxins B1
1423.553 g/mol
1409.510 g/mol
(Dong et al. 2008)
Other compounds
267.24 g/mol
(Husni et al. 2011)
ethyl-α-D-glucopyranoside C8H16O6
208.209 g/mol