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Table 1 Proximate composition of sea cucumber Stichopus japonicus in the various papers

From: Biological activities and biomedical potential of sea cucumber (Stichopus japonicus): a review

Water (%) Protein (%) Ash (%) Lipid (%) Carbohydrate (%) Ref.
92 – 93a 2.2–3.4a 2.7–3.4a 0.1–0.4a (Dong et al. 2006)
92.1–93.4a 30.0–37.9b 38.7–44.2b 2.9–7.0b (Okorie et al. 2008)
92.1–92.9a 29.9–32.8b 39.5–47.8b 2.8–5.4b (Ko et al. 2009)
92.3a 3.1a 3.6a 0.3a (Choi et al. 2009)
32 – 33b 45 – 46b 1.3–2.1b (Seo et al. 2011)
90.5–91.7a 4.1–4.6a 2.4–2.6a 0.2a 0.2a (Jiang et al. 2013)
80.2–91.5a 1.1–4.0a 2.5–6.9a 0.1–2.2a (Lee et al. 2012)
89.0–91.9a 3.5–5.4a 2.9–3.4a 0.1–0.5a 0.2–0.6a (Gao et al. 2011a)
90.8–91.2a 45.1–46.1b 32.2–33.9b 4.3–5.2b (Wu et al. 2015)
93.2–93.3a 44.9–48.1b 18.4–26.5b 3.4–4.1b (Yu al. 2015a)
90.1–91.6a 4.3–4.6a 2.4–2.7a 0.1–0.3a (Xia et al. 2015)
  1. awet matter
  2. bdry matter