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Fig. 1

From: A novel method to depurate β-lactam antibiotic residues by administration of a broad-spectrum β-lactamase enzyme in fish tissues

Fig. 1

In vivo and ex vivo cefazolin degradation activity of TEM-52 in carp. ac In vivo cefazolin changes in serum (a), liver, (b) and muscle (c) following intraperitoneal injection of TEM-52, N = 5–10; filled bar, control carp; shaded bar, TEM-52-injected carp (d) ex vivo cefazolin changes when TEM-52-injected carp serum were incubated with cefazolin, N = 5; filled bar, without enzyme; shaded bar, incubated with TEM-52 itself or TEM-52-injected carp serum. *p < 0.05 with unpaired t tests when compared to control groups

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