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Fig. 5 | Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Fig. 5

From: Butyrate and taurine exert a mitigating effect on the inflamed distal intestine of European sea bass fed with a high percentage of soybean meal

Fig. 5

Electron microscope images obtained from the distal intestine of sea bass fed with diet C. a A portion of the epithelium, with an advanced degeneration and enterocytes with focal alterations of the microvilli (circle), numerous supranuclear vacuoles with an electrondense content from homogenous to granular (black arrows), some of which are partially broken (black asterisk), and incipient leukocyte infiltration (white arrow). b At higher magnification, a small vacuole (white asterisk) pouring its contents into a larger one is visible. c Pyknotic nuclei of enterocytes (white arrows) and leukocyte infiltration between enterocytes (white arrowhead). v vacuoles, m microvilli. Bars in a, c 5 μm; bar in b 200 nm

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