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Fig. 2 | Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Fig. 2

From: Butyrate and taurine exert a mitigating effect on the inflamed distal intestine of European sea bass fed with a high percentage of soybean meal

Fig. 2

Light microscope images obtained from the distal intestine of sea bass fed with diet B. a Morphology of a section of intestine, EE staining. b Higher magnification of intestinal villi showing their irregular structure and enterocytes supernuclear vacuoles (white arrowheads). c Alcian blue-PAS staining highlighting intraepithelial Goblet cells (black arrowheads). d Anti-CD45 immunohistochemistry showing numerous positive cells infiltrating in the submucosa and in the lamina propria (black arrows). Bar in a 1 mm; bar in b 50 μm; bars in c, d 100 μm

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