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Fig. 2

From: A Spirulina maxima-derived peptide inhibits HIV-1 infection in a human T cell line MT4

Fig. 2

SM-peptide inhibits HIV-1IIIB-induced MT4 cell lysis. MT4 cells were infected with HIV-1IIIB at 50 TCID50 in the presence or absence of 0–1 mg/ml SM-peptide. After 72 h, the inhibitory effect of SM-peptide was determined using MTT assay. Inhibition of cell lysis was expressed as cell lysis level compared to that in HIV-1IIIB-infected control cells without SM-peptide. The data shown in the figure represents an average of at least three independent experiments. The IC50 values were determined by analyzing the data with GraphPad Prism 7.0. The X-axis in the graph is presented as log10 values

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