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Fig. 11 | Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Fig. 11

From: Galatheoid squat lobsters (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura) from Korean waters

Fig. 11

The six Galatheoidea described in the present study. a Galathea balssi Miyake and Baba, 1964: ovigerous female (CL 7.5 mm) from southern Jeju Island. b Galathea pubescens Stimpson, 1858: male (CL 6.0 mm) from eastern Jeju Island. c Bathymunida brevirostris Yokoya, 1933: ovigerous female (CL 5.1 mm) from eastern Jeju Island. d Cervimunida princeps Benedict, 1902: female (CL 22.9 mm) from southern Busan. e Munida caesura Macpherson and Baba, 1993: male (CL 16.7 mm) from southern Busan. f Munida japonica Stimpson, 1858: male (CL 6.9 mm) from western Jeju Island

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