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Table 5 Optimal conditions for the flying fish roe analogs manufacturing process from sodium alginate

From: Production optimization of flying fish roe analogs using calcium alginate hydrogel beads

Response Y (sphericity, %)
Optimal conditions X 1 Coded value 0.51
Actual value (%) 2.41
X 2 Coded value 0.71
Actual value (min) 40.65
X 3 Coded value 0.02
Actual value (%) 1.51
X 4 Coded value −0.46
Actual value (×g) 254
Stationary point Saddle point
Predicted value of response Y 99.9
Experimental value of response Y 98.2
  1. X 1 (sodium alginate concentration, %), X 2 (curing time in calcium chloride solution, min), X 3 (calcium chloride concentration, %), X 4 (rotation speed of calcium chloride, ×g)