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Fig. 2 | Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Fig. 2

From: Photoinactivation of major bacterial pathogens in aquaculture

Fig. 2

Viable bacterial counts of V. anguillarum (a), V. harveyi (b), P. damselae (c), E. tarda (d), A. salmonicida (e), S. parauberis (f), and S. iniae (g) in phosphate buffered saline at 25 °C and several sampling time points (1, 3, 6, 12, 24, and 48 h) after LED exposure in a 405- or 465-nm LED (respectively, 250 μ mol m−2 s−1 or 516 μ mol m−2 s−1) * significant difference, P<0.05; **significant difference, P<0.01

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