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Fig. 1

From: Osteological development of wild-captured larvae and a juvenile Sebastes koreanus (Pisces, Scorpaenoidei) from the Yellow Sea

Fig. 1

Developmental sequence of the neurocranium of Sebastes koreanus, showing dorsal (left) and lateral (right) views of preflexion to postflexion larvae. a Preflexion larva; 6.27 mm BL. b Flexion larva; 7.17 mm BL. c Flexion larva; 8.17 mm BL. d Postflexion larva; 9.06 mm BL. Dotted lines show the outlines of skeletal structures in the adult. Open areas show nonskeletal structures. Solid lines show the boundaries of ossified areas. Dotted areas show ossified elements. bop, basioccipital; eop, exoccipital; f, frontal; p, parasphenoid; pa, parietal; pe, pterotic; pro, prootic; sop, supraoccipital; sp, sphenotic. Bars 0.5 mm

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