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Table 4 Total amino acid (g/100 g protein) composition of FDC, RAIs and RPIs prepared by ISP process and positive controls

From: Preparation and characterization of protein isolate from Yellowfin tuna Thunnus albacares roe by isoelectric solubilization/precipitation process

Amino acid FDC RAI-11 RAI-12 RPI-1 RPI-2 RPI-3 RPI-4 Casein Hb
Protein content (%)a 81.6d 87.2c 82.8d 89.9b 86.9c 90.1b 89.5b 89.1b 96.3a
Asp 8.7d 8.9cd 8.8cd 9.3b 9.1bc 9.3b 9.2b 8.2e 11.2a
Thrb 5.0e 5.1ab 5.0d 5.1abc 5.1ab 5.1a 5.0cd 3.9g 4.7f
Ser 5.6a 5.3c 5.4b 5.2cd 5.2d 5.4b 5.0e 4.0g 4.4f
Glu 13.1d 13.8b 13.7c 12.7e 12.4h 12.4g 12.5f 22.1a 9.3i
Proc 6.1c 7.7b 7.9b 5.7d 5.1e 4.7g 4.9ef 10.0a 4.0de
Glyc 4.9c 6.0b 6.4a 4.5ef 4.2f 4.3ef 4.3ef 2.4g 4.6de
Alac 6.6c 6.1d 6.2d 6.7bc 6.9b 6.8b 6.8bc 3.8e 9.0a
Cys 0.7b 0.8b 1.1a 0.8b 0.9b 0.3d 0.2d 0.5c 0.1d
Valbc 6.3d 6.7c 6.3cd 6.5cd 6.5cd 6.6c 6.6cd 7.3b 10.2a
Metbc 2.9c 2.5d 2.5d 2.9b 3.0b 3.1a 3.1a 1.3e 0.0f
Ilebc 5.4d 4.9e 4.5f 5.8c 6.2ab 6.1b 6.3a 5.7c 0.8g
Leubc 8.6f 8.0g 7.5h 8.8e 9.3c 9.3bc 9.4b 9.1d 13.3a
Tyr 3.4a 2.6c 3.4a 3.2b 3.1b 3.4a 3.2b 1.2d 0.3e
Phebc 4.4h 4.6f 4.3i 4.5g 4.7e 4.8d 4.9c 5.0b 7.6a
Hisb 3.4b 3.2c 3.1c 3.2c 3.1c 3.1c 3.2c 2.9d 6.4a
Lysb 8.5c 7.6e 7.3f 8.5c 8.9b 8.8b 8.9b 8.3d 10.3a
Argb 6.6a 6.4a 6.6a 6.6a 6.4a 6.4a 6.5a 4.4b 3.8c
TAA 100.2 100.2 100.0 100.0 100.1 99.9 100.0 100.1 100.0
EAA 51.1 49.0 47.1 51.9 53.2 53.3 53.9 47.9 57.1
EAA/NEAA 1.04 0.96 0.89 1.08 1.14 1.14 1.17 0.92 1.33
Hydrophobic amino acid 45.2 46.5 45.6 45.4 45.9 45.7 46.3 44.6 49.5
  1. TAA total amino acid, EAA essential amino acids, NEAA non essential amino acids
  2. FDC freeze-dried concentrate; RAI-11 and RAI-12, roe alkaline insolubles after alkaline solubilization at pH 11 or 12 respectively. RPI-1 and RPI-2, roe protein isolate adjusting at pH 4.5 and 5.5, respectively, after alkaline solubilization at pH 11; RPI-3 and RPI-4, roe protein isolate adjusting at pH 4.5 and 5.5, respectively, after alkaline solubilization at pH 12; Hb hemoglobin
  3. Values are means ± standard deviation of duplicate determinations
  4. Means with different letters within the same row are significantly different at p < 0.05 by Duncan’s multiple range test
  5. aBased on dry weight
  6. bEssential amino acids for infant
  7. cHydrophobic amino acids