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Table 3 Total amino acid composition (g/100 g protein, %) of yellowfin tuna roe (YTR) and roe protein concentrates (RPCs) prepared by cook-dried process

From: Chemical composition of protein concentrate prepared from Yellowfin tuna Thunnus albacares roe by cook-dried process

Amino acid YTR FDC BDC SDC Egg white
Protein content (%) 82.4 81.6 82.6 83.6 83.9
Asp 9.1b 8.7c 9.0b 9.2b 11.8a
Thr 5.2a 5.0c 5.1b 5.2a 4.7d
Ser 4.9e 5.6b 5.3d 5.4c 5.7a
Glu 12.3e 13.1d 13.2b 13.2c 14.9a
Pro 6.5a 6.1ab 5.8b 5.8b 3.7c
Gly 5.6a 4.9b 5.1b 5.1b 4.0c
Ala 5.6b 6.6a 6.4a 6.4a 6.6a
Cys 0.8a 0.7a 0.7b 0.8a 0.7a
Val 5.9c 6.3b 6.5b 6.4b 8.2a
Met 4.0a 2.9b 2.9c 2.8b 2.0c
Ile 5.9b 5.4c 5.5c 5.4c 6.2a
Leu 8.8b 8.6c 8.6c 8.5c 9.2a
Tyr 2.5c 3.4a 3.1b 3.0b 0.2d
Phe 4.3e 4.4d 4.6b 4.6c 6.4a
His 3.4a 3.4a 3.2b 3.2b 2.7c
Lys 8.5a 8.5a 8.5a 8.5a 8.2b
Arg 6.6a 6.6a 6.6a 6.5a 4.8b
TAA 99.9 100.2 100.1 100.0 100.0
EAA 52.6 51.1 51.5 51.1 52.4
EAA/NEAA 1.11 1.04 1.06 1.00 1.10
Hydrophobic amino acid 46.6 45.2 45.4 45.0 46.3
  1. Data are means ± standard deviation of duplicate determination
  2. Values with different letters within the same row are significantly different at P < 0.05 by Duncan’s multiple range test
  3. TAA total amino acid, EAA essential amino acids, NEAA non essential amino acids
  4. Essential amino acids for infant
  5. Hydrophobic amino acids