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Fig. 2

From: Isolation and in vitro culture of primary cell populations derived from ovarian tissues of the rockfish, Sebastes schlegeli

Fig. 2

Effects of culture type on culturing Sebastes schlegeli ovary-dissociated cells. Four cell populations derived from monolayer culture were detached on substratum at first or second passage and subsequently cultured as a form of aggregates in suspension manner for each individual. Culture period was measured individually on all cell populations cultured. a Morphology of the cells and cell aggregates in monolayer and suspension culture, respectively. Box within the picture of suspension culture shows a magnified image of aggregates. Scale bar = 100 μm and 50 μm in pictures and box, respectively. b Comparison of culture period between monolayer culture and suspension (aggregate) culture after monolayer culture. Combination of monolayer and suspension culture induced a statistically significant long-term maintenance of the cell populations compared with the sole monolayer culture. The data are mean ± standard deviation of nine and four independent experiments in monolayer and suspension culture, respectively. Asterisk indicates significant difference, p < 0.05

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