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Table 3 Plasma post-prandial (5 h after intubation) and post-absorptive (24 h after intubation) lysine and ammonia concentrations (nmol/mL) of rainbow trout fed graded levels of dietary lysine1

From: Determination of the dietary lysine requirement by measuring plasma free lysine concentrations in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss after dorsal aorta cannulation

Dietary lysine level (%) Plasma lysine concentrations Plasma ammonia concentrations
Post-prandial values (PPlys) Post-absorptive Values (PAlys) Post-prandial Values (PPA) Post-absorptive Values (PAA)
0.72 139e 159c 115d 122
1.12 236d 172c 119d 127
1.52 327c 216b 146c 120
1.92 515b 241ab 152c 129
2.32 631a 275a 234b 119
2.72 651a 258ab 282ab 115
3.52 605a 280a 301a 124
Pooled SEM2 78.5 18.3 29.6 1.8
  1. 1Values are means from groups (n = 5) of fish where the means in each column with a different superscript are significantly different (P < 0.05)
  2. 2Pooled standard error of mean: SD√n